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At Mancabelli Law PLLC, we provide the following legal services.

Contracts: Review, Draft, Negotiate and Enforce

If we had a favorite thing, it would be business contracts - reviewing, drafting, negotiating and enforcing them. 

We handle all types of business contracts, including:  

  • founder agreements between business owners
  • employment and independent contractor agreements
  • commercial real estate leases and sale/purchase contracts
  • vendor and customer agreements
  • non-disclosure agreements
  • non-solicitation agreements
  • promissory notes and mortgages
  • asset and stock sale/purchase agreements

When your business uses contracts prepared or negotiated by your attorney, you are in the driver's seat. When your contract contains an attorney's fee provision, you have a distinct advantage when enforcing your rights. Too often, business owners think contracts they are presented with are set in stone. Or they don't understand the legal gibberish so they don't read them. Don't leave money on the table or jeopardize the future of your business. Even if you can't modify the terms of a contract, have an experienced contract attorney explain the terms you'd be agreeing to if you sign it.

Formations: Corporations, PCs, LLCs & PLLCs

Starting your business off right is our primary goal. You have a vision and we know the law and the pitfalls. 

Did you know:

  • downloading or emailing files from your employer before you leave to become an entrepreneur is a bad idea?
  • a non-compete or non-solicitation agreement you signed with a prior employer could impact your new venture?
  • it's easier to maintain corporate formalities of an LLC than it is for a corporation?
  • both an LLC and a corporation can be taxed as an s-corporation, which is a tax status, not a type of corporation?
  • if you are a professional licensed by the New York State Education Department or the Judiciary, you need to form a professional service entity and securing consent to do so could take months?
  • many multi-member businesses fail because they don't take the time to negotiate founders' agreements when they first open their doors? 

Let's work together to ensure you start your business on the right foot. While we're at it, ask us why your business needs BAIL - Banker, Accountant, Insurance Broker and Attorney.

Corporate Counsel: Proactive Planning for Success

What if you had predictable monthly legal fees for unlimited scheduled phone calls with your legal team?

As a litigation team, we know that not communicating with an attorney is the best way to find your business in trouble. We've seen decades of lawsuits that could have been avoided with proactivity. That's we offer flat rates for unlimited scheduled phone calls. We want you to contact us so we can address issues as they come up, before you reach crisis mode. Your business pays a monthly fee to talk to us as much as you need us. 

What if you had a legal road map for your business? 

We offer quarterly or semi-annual brainstorming sessions with your team to flesh out the opportunities and challenges for your business in the next quarter, six months, year, etc. We help identify the relationships that will grow out of those next steps and the contracts, key terms and other legal support that can best protect your business as you move forward.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Let us help you plan for the future of your business with legal guidance and counsel through every step of your short and long term business goals. 


We help you give as much consideration to the next phase of your business as you do to the day-to-day operations.

Your business is as unique as you are. You've worked hard to build your business to what it is today; you don't want to just give it away and you want to ensure you'll get paid. We will work with you to understand your goals, expectations and the best way to transfer your business. We will draft and negotiate the deal, working to deliver results that meet your expectations for today and in to your new future.

If you plan to transfer your business to female relative who may want to get certified as a Women Business Enterprise, talk to us about the certification rules. The financial aspects of the transfer could be a barrier to certification years later.

Business Disputes

Business disputes are our bread and butter. We know them well and we know how to resolve them.

If you want a hired "bulldog," keep looking. If you want thorough analysis of your dispute and practical advise on resolution, we can help. 

Sometimes the dispute is between owners of the same company. When that happens, each owner needs her or his own attorney and we represent one side or the other. Most often, a business dispute is the result of a business deal gone south. The other party to a contract is not delivering on their promises. Whether BO2BO or B2B, working with a seasoned litigator can often resolve your issues before they wind up in court. Negotiating a settlement is almost always less expensive than the long drawn out process of a lawsuit. Let us help you negotiate a resolution. 

Business Litigation

Did you know state court business litigation cases valued over $100K are handled in the Commercial Division of the NYS Supreme Court?

The last thing a business wants to spend money on is litigation. We get that. When it happens, it's important to hire a business litigator with experience in the court you're in. Most of our clients have cases in the the Commercial Division. It's a specialized business court with it's own set of procedural rules. We know the rules and the specific Judges who preside over the cases.

You wouldn't hire a podiatrist to perform open heart surgery. When your business has been sued or needs to file a lawsuit, hire an attorney experienced in business litigation, not your best friend's uncle's college roommate who has read a contract or two. 

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Contracts and Business Law Lawyer

About Mancabelli Law PLLC

Mancabelli Law is a savvy woman-owned business law firm providing proven, proactive legal counsel for New York women business owners, from startup through growth and expansion. We are certified as a WBE by New York State and the Erie County and City of Buffalo Joint Commission.



Our work is true to who we are and what we believe, even if we sometimes go against the grain. We’re never anyone but ourselves, laying the groundwork for meaningful relationships with our clients.


We won’t tell you what you want to hear. Rather, we’ll tell you what you need to know and why — without any BS or condescension. Keeping an open dialogue of honest, non-judgmental communication ensures our clients get the best legal guidance. If you tend to hold back in conversations with your attorney, we are likely not the right match for you.


We’re fierce about creating opportunities to level the playing field for women in business. We work to shatter the glass ceiling through negotiating even-handed contracts on behalf of our clients. We’re more than happy to show clients the ropes if they want to get their hands dirty and become better negotiators themselves.


Our depth of knowledge in business law coupled with expertise in grammar gives us an edge in tailoring top-notch legal solutions. Through attention to detail, like knowing where the commas go in contracts, we build safeguards for business operations from formation to succession planning.


We apply a witty and lively human touch to dealing with business law. When we reach out to our clients, almost all of them answer and end the call with a smile.

Contracts and Business Law Legal Team

Meet the team

Our happiest clients are proactive and informed women business owners. 

They have a clear vision for their business and they plan ahead to minimize risk and maximize success. 

If this feels like we know you...then let's tell you a bit more about us.

Patti Mancabelli


Patti has more than 25 years practicing business law. She is passionate about representing women-owned businesses because she understands their challenges from their unique perspective.

Kelly Gibbs


With decades of business litigation experience, Kelly knows how to manage lawsuits in the Commercial Division, how to resolve cases out of court and how to draft clear contracts that avoid disputes.

Anne Romanello

Paralegal & Practice Manager

Anne brings an array of skills and experience to the firm. She has managed at a fortune 500 company; ran her own company; and guided many prospective business owners in pursuit of their dream to become their own boss.

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